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Episode number: 46
First Aired: 05/02/97
Production number: SL-324
Previous Episode: Slither
Following Episode: Stoker


Maggie swears revenge against Rickman after the Sliders find evidence of the colonel's whereabouts on a world ruled by a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex. Meanwhile, Rembrandt is filled with joy when he's reunited with Malcolm. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

101. Bad Donors' Earth

The Sliders were only here a few minutes, right on the tail of the escaping Rickman. Rickman attacked several if the inhabitants of this world leaving them dead rather than in a coma. Either the people of this world weren't good donors for some reason or the Colonel is getting sloppy in his sampling.

91. Pulsar Survivors Earth

The Sliders followed Rickman back to this Earth which was last seen in The Exodus - Part Two. This world turns out to be a bit different than the Sliders originally thought -- like the Dinosaur Earth of In Dino Veritas, dinosaurs never went extinct on this world.

The native humans of this world sacrificed animals to the dinosaurs in order to avoid becoming a lunchtime snack but the humans which escaped from Pulsar Earth (again, see The Exodus - Part One) prevented them from doing this. Never having seen the dinosaurs they thought it was a superstitious waste of perfectly good food. Now the natives have died out due to some disease the people from Pulsar Earth brought with them and the area's one remaining Tyrannosaurus is getting hungry...



Written by:   David Peckinpah
Directed by:  Richard Compton
Guest Stars:
  Rainer Grant      as Gretchen Chambliss            
  Neil Dickson      as Colonel Angus Rickman                  
  Wes Charles, Jr.  as Malcolm                       
  Michael Woolson   as Andrews                       
  Mike Terner       as Hinds                         

  Robyn Lees        as Woman
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