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The Exodus - Part One

Episode number: 39
First Aired: 02/21/97
Production number: SL-317
Previous Episode: Paradise Lost
Following Episode: The Exodus - Part Two


The Sliders land on a world on the verge of the apocalypse where panic has led to the demise of law and order. A pulsar has entered the Earth's orbit and is emitting intense radiation--Russia has already been wiped out. The Sliders stumble upon a military/industrial complex and discover a scientist who, together with Quinn's knowledge, can get a certain amount of people off the planet by sliding. -Fox

In a militaristic America threatened by a deadly pulsar, a colonel decides who'll be saved--and who'll be left to die. Part 1 of two. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

83. Pulsar Earth

The Cold War never ended on this Earth; as a matter of fact, it seems to be heating up. A magazine cover seen asks: "Russia vs. USA: The Final Round?" and the military officers we see suspect almost everyone of being a spy. This would be bad enough, but this Earth has a bigger problem: a cluster of pulsars is due to irradiate the planet killing all plant and animal life within the next twenty-four hours.

A Doctor Steven Jensen has invented sliding technology on this world, including the capability of storing the coordinates of previously visited worlds. He had not been able to get the technology to the point where humans could slide successfully until our Sliders arrived and gave him a hand. In exchange, he gave the Sliders the technology to store the coordinates of worlds they visit in the future.

This is Maggie Beckett's home world, her Earth Prime. It was also the world on which Arturo died.

84. Vorpal Bunny Earth

Everything is huge on this Earth: grass grows to waist height and the one human we see seems at least a hundred feet tall. The rabbit we see (complete with razor sharp teeth) is as large as a horse.

Only Quinn and Maggie slide to this Earth, after a 30 minute stay they returned to Pulsar Earth.

85. Maggie's Double Earth

Quinn and Maggie slide to this Earth on another scouting mission from Pulsar Earth. Here, Maggie meets an alternate version of herself who is also an Intelligence Officer with the rank of Captain. It's unknown if this Earth is also having a pulsar crisis.

1. Earth Prime

Quinn and Maggie make a quick slide back to Earth Prime, the Sliders home world first seen in the SLIDERS Pilot. After an all-too-brief reunion with his his mother, Quinn has to slide back to Pulsar Earth with Maggie to save her life -- something in Earth Prime's atmosphere prevents Maggie from being able to breathe.



Story by:     John Rhys-Davies
Teleplay by:  Tony Blake & Paul Jackson
Directed by:  Jim Charleston
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Kari Wuhrer           as Captain Maggie Beckett
  Mark Kiely            as Dr. Steven Jensen
  Wes Charles, Jr.      as Malcolm Eastman
  Linda Henning         as Mrs. Mallory
  Steve Larson          as Street Person

Special Guest Star:
  Roger Daltrey         as Colonel Angus Rickman

  J. Karen Thomas       as Lt. Teri Eastman
  Michael Houston King  as Dr. Baker
  Krzysztof Pieczynski  as Dr. Vladimir Jariabek
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