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The Exodus - Part Two

Episode number: 40
First Aired: 02/28/97
Production number: SL-318
Previous Episode: The Exodus - Part One
Following Episode: Sole Survivors


Quinn and a female officer, Maggie, begin sliding to other worlds to scout for the perfect location while Wade and Arturo must contend with the egomaniac Colonel Rickman as they argue over who will be saved. Meanwhile, a serial killer has invaded the base and is systematically putting people into a coma. Faced with eminent danger, the Sliders do their best to stay together, but one of them does not make the slide. -Fox

Conclusion. As doomsday looms closer, Quinn and Maggie race to find a suitable parallel world, but discover that Rickman has a deadly ulterior motive for finding such a world. Meanwhile, Arturo is gravely wounded in an altercation. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

83. Pulsar Earth

First seen in The Exodus - Part One, much of the action of this episode takes place on this world as well.

86. Scouted Earth One
87. Scouted Earth Two
88. Scouted Earth Three
89. Scouted Earth Four
90. Scouted Earth Five

Quinn and Maggie slide to these Earths on an extended scouting mission from Pulsar Earth. We don't know anything about these worlds except that Maggie and Quinn must have considered them less suitable for colonization than Pulsar Survivors Earth. The only reason we know these worlds exist is that, while scouting Pulsar Survivors Earth, Quinn comments to Maggie: "You haven't taken a break in six worlds."

91. Pulsar Survivors Earth

Quinn and Maggie slid to this world and selected it for colonization by the survivors of the destruction of Pulsar Earth. Tribes of humans, who seemed to have not advanced technologically, made this forested world a less than perfect choice, but in the limited time they had available for scouting, Maggie and Quinn felt this was the best world they had found.

Just prior to the destruction of Pulsar Earth, 150 people were evacuated to this world. The three surviving original Sliders, (Quinn, Wade, and Remmie) also made the slide to this world with just seconds to spare.

92. Rickman's Escape Earth

The three surviving Sliders, now joined by Maggie Beckett, used their newly upgraded timer to slide to this world in persuit of Colonel Rickman. The only thing we see on this world is one of the Colonel's victims and some sort of electrical sub-station.

93. Rickman's Second Escape Earth

Colonel Rickman escapes to this Earth from Rickman's Escape Earth with Maggie, Quinn, Wade and Remmie only eleven hours behind.

Actually, we never see this world, so it's possible that it is the Crucifixion Earth from Sole Survivors.



Written by:   Josef Anderson & Paul Jackson and Tony Blake
Directed by:  Jefery Levy
Music by:     Danny Lux
Guest Stars:
  Kari Wuhrer          as Captain Maggie Beckett
  Mark Kiely           as Dr. Steven Jensen
  Wes Charles, Jr.     as Malcolm Eastman

Special Guest Star:
  Roger Daltrey         as Colonel Angus Rickman

  Andrew A. Rolfes     as Sergeant
  Sandy Laufer-Blake   as Nurse
  Lisa Galiana         as Woman
  Reba Shaw Alexander  as Secretary
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