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Sole Survivors

Episode number: 41
First Aired: 03/07/97
Production number: SL-319
Previous Episode: The Exodus - Part Two
Following Episode: The Breeder


The Sliders land on a world where a slimming medicine has transformed into a deadly virus, turning the population into man-eating zombies. When Quinn is bitten and is in danger of becoming a monster, Wade, Maggie and Rembrandt search frantically for an antidote. -Fox

The Sliders encounter a world infected by bacteria that transforms the inhabitants into flesh-eating zombie-like creatures--one of which takes a bite out of Quinn. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

94. Crucifixion Earth

Some inhabitants of this Earth saw Quinn as he exited the wormhole and consequently tied him to a large wooden cross. He was still tied to the cross when he and the other Sliders made their escape from this Earth.

Maggie's gun disappeared while on this Earth. She thinks Wade stole it and threw it away and Wade thinks Maggie just lost it.

95. The Ultimate Diet Earth

Caffeine, and any natural and inexpensive drug, has been made illegal on this world due to the pressures of the big pharmaceutical companies.

One of these companies, Geni-trax Corporation, recently released a new over-the-counter weight loss product called Liptron. Liptron is actually a bacteria which attacks fat, but it worked entirely too well. The antidote, also sold by Geni-trax, proved ineffective and most of humanity on this world has wasted away to noctural creatures which will resort to any measures, even cannibalism, to get the fat their bodies need.



Written by:   Steven Kriozere
Directed by:  David Peckinpah
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Stephanie Niznik  as Debra Carbol
  Jay Acovone       as Dr. Tassler

  Lorin McCraley    as Fenris
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