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Paradise Lost

Episode number: 38
First Aired: 01/31/97
Production number: SL-315
Previous Episode: Slide Like An Egyptian
Following Episode: The Exodus - Part One


The Sliders land in a coastal community where no one seems to be over the age of 35 and they soon discover the small town's dirty little secret. -Fox

The sliders touch down on a seemingly idyllic town where the residents all look young but seem fearful of their new visitors, who soon discover the dirty secret to their hosts' youth. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

79. Unnamed Earth One
80. Unnamed Earth Two

When the Sliders land face first on a beach on Shai-hulud Earth (see below) Wade comments that "All of our landings have tanked ever since we started using that thing," referring to the new timer they picked up from Egyptian Earth in Slide Like An Egyptian. This indicates that there must have been two or more earths after Egyptian Earth but before Shai-hulud Earth that we know nothing about.

81. Shai-hulud Earth

Visitors to this world may get the impression they've somehow stepped into a Stephen King novel. The tiny coastal town of Paradise Beach has had a secret ever since an explosion at a nearby uranium mine in the early 1940s: a worm, a huge beast which can tunnel quickly underground emits a substance which can greatly prolong life but the beast only secretes this substance after consuming human flesh.

Visitors to the town, such as the four Sliders, often get the opportunity to meet this creature up close and personal.



Written by:   Steven Stoliar
Directed by:  Jim Johnston
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Lara Steinick    as Laurie Miller
  Rob Youngblood   as Sheriff Burke
  Will Schaub      as Parker
  Pat Gebhard      as ???
  Kristi McDaniel  as Alice

  Jeff Markey      as Bud
  Gordon Jennison  as Fred
  Todd Babcock     as Michael Levy
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