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Slide Like An Egyptian

Episode number: 37
First Aired: 01/17/97
Production number: SL-314
Previous Episode: Murder Most Foul
Following Episode: Paradise Lost


The Sliders disrupt a modern day pyramid burial site and unleash a giant, monster scarab. Arturo, Wade and Rembrandt get stuck in the pyramid and believe that Quinn is dead. The Sliders' timer is broken and they are unsure they will be able to return. -Fox

The Sliders land in a world resembling ancient Egypt, where Quinn is used for a life-after-death experiment and the others are entombed inside a pyramid guarded by a giant scarab. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

78. Egyptian Earth

The influences of ancient Egypt are very visible on this earth: from the architecture, to the clothing, to the religious beliefs of the inhabitants. On our world, the Egyptians were conquered by Alexander the Great. Arturo suggests that on this earth, perhaps "Alexander wasn't so great."

This world has also managed to use genetic engineering to create huge beetles--scarabs--which they place inside pyramid tombs.

The rulers of this world are able to slide to other worlds using timers similar to the one used by Quinn and company.



Written by:   Scott Smith Miller
Directed by:  Adam Nimoy
Music by:     Danny Lux
Guest Stars:
  Shawn Toub              as Kheri-Heb
  Claudette Mink          as Sheilah
  Rocco Vienhage          as Dr. Achtbit
  Jim Turner              as Mike Mallory
  Armando Valdes-Kennedy  as ???
  Steven Mink             as ???
  Apollonia Kotero        as Dr. Deera Mubaric

  Justin M. Gorence       as Priest
  Terry Markwell          as Reporter
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