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Episode number: 45
First Aired: 04/25/97
Production number: SL-323
Previous Episode: The Other Slide of Darkness
Following Episode: Dinoslide


While vacationing, the Sliders stumble across a scientist whose research involving supernatural snakes gets out of hand when one of the critters escapes. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

100. Snakebit Earth

In the southern part of this world's California, approximately where Los Angeles is on ours, is a region known as Delgado. Tobacco is illegal in this world and Delgado is the center of cultivation and exporting for this drug.

Visitors to this world should steer clear of this dangerous region and be especially wary of any snakes they might run across. At least one species of snake on this world, the triadder, seems to possess some amount of intelligence and definately knows how to hold a grudge. The venom of the triadder, also sold illegally, is said to be an aphrodisiac.



Written by:   Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Directed by:  Jim Johnston
Guest Stars:
  Julie St. Claire  as Kyra
  Randy Vasquez     as Carlos
  Marc Tissot       as Don
  Danny Mora        as ???
  Thomas G. Waites  as ???

  David Correia     as Customs Official
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