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The Other Slide of Darkness

Episode number: 44
First Aired: 04/11/97
Production number: SL-320
Previous Episode: The Last of Eden
Following Episode: Slither


The Sliders land on a world covered with a fog that makes it extremely difficult to breathe. After they find shelter in which to wait out their stay, they run into an old friend. -Fox

The Sliders find evidence that Rickman may already be spreading his infection in a world where the superstitious residents believe that a mysterious fog is responsible for their sickness. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

99. Foggins' Earth

The hills of this world are shrouded in a fog of sulferous fumes emitted by volcanoes. The people of this world are divided into two groups, those who can breathe the fumes and live in the hills (the Foggins) and those who live in the valleys away from the fog. Some of the valley-dwellers seem to be able to use a certain amount of magic and can foretell the future in a very limited way.

"Smarter" Quinn, the alternate Quinn we saw briefly in the SLIDERS Pilot when he slid to Earth Prime and gave our Quinn the last bit of formula he needed in order to perfect sliding, has been living here with the Foggins for several years. He claims that it was he who gave sliding technology to the Kromaggs (first seen in Invasion) and that they in return destroyed his home world. He begs our Quinn to kill him so that he can't cause any more damage.



Written by:   Nan Hagan & Scott Smith Miller
Directed by:  Jeff Woolnough
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Oona Hart      as Adra
  Kevin Quigley  as Bunt La Croix
  Neil Dickson   as Colonel Angus Rickman
  Franc Ross     as Billy T

  Amy Wheaton    as Lucy La Croix
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