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Episode number: 22
First Aired: 06/28/96
Production number: SL-209
Previous Episode: The Young and the Relentless
Following Episode: As Time Goes By


The Sliders land in the middle of an invasion. Acting in self defense, Quinn brings down one of the maurauding ships, only to find that the invaders are not what they seem. -Fox

The Sliders encounter a vicious race of scientifically advanced aliens who hold a nasty surprise for the quartet--they can slide at will, and intend to conquer every Earth in the dimensional spectrum. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

44. Conquered Earth

An Earth which lies in ruins, conquered by the Kromagg dynasty and their Manta ships.

45. New France Earth

Vichyssoisse, baguettes, croissants, sidewalk cafes and rude waiters--they're all here in the city of Versailles West, a city on the west coast of New France. It seems the French rule the entire continent.

46. Outpost Earth 113

A barren world where advanced life has never taken hold. The caves of this world are used by the Kromagg to hold prisoners.



Written by:   Tracy Torme
Directed by:  Richard Compton
Guest Cast:
  Lee W. Weaver     as Hilton Brown
  Una Damon         as Mary
  Robert Lewis      as Mr. Clarke
  Franciose Najda   as French Waiter
  Pierre Martineau  as French Bread Man
  Jason Gaffney     as Prisoner
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