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The Young and the Relentless

Episode number: 21
First Aired: 06/07/96
Production number: SL-213
Previous Episode: Greatfellas
Following Episode: Invasion


On a world where only the young have any power or respect in society, Wade and Quinn's doubles were married, Quinn's double recently drowned. The Sliders get involved, believing the cause to be a good one, but learn the hard way why it isn't safe to get involved with the locals. -Fox

Quinn finds himself on the trail of his double's murderer when the Sliders land in a world where Wade and Quinn's counterparts are corporate executives up to their ears in a shady computer-software deal. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

43. Howard Stern's Earth

On this Earth, the youth of the United States took over in 1980 when it was determined that the Social Security System stood to bankrupt the economy, the environment was a mess, and the nuclear arms race threatened the entire planet. Jimmy Carter lost the election in 1980 to Howard Stern, a talk radio host.

The first thing President Stern did was lower the voting age to nine. Because baby boomers had glutted the job market, workers are now required to retire and "get out of the way" by the age of thirty. Citizens over the age of thirty are now, for all intents and purposes, second class citizens.

The Quinn Mallory and Wade Wells of this Earth work for Advanced Software Industries and have been promoting a questionable product called EduLearn as a replacement for the public school system. Alternate Quinn (who went by the initials Q.R.) was married to alternate Wade Wells until his recent death.



Teleplay by:  T. Edward Anthony & Von Whisenhant
Story by:     Micheal X. Farrara and T. Edward Anthony & Von Whisenhant
Directed by:  Richard Compton
Music by:     Anthony Marinelli
Guest Cast:
  Laura Harris             as Margo
  Russell Porter           as Kenny Hatcher
  Kristy Cohen             as Tiffany August
  Kyle Alisharan           as Kyle Beck

  Paul Jarrett             as Razor Gillette
  Richard Cox              as Richard
  Gordon Michael Woolvett  as Judge
  Britt Lind               as Joanne
  Elisabeth Rosen          as Melanie White
  Trevor Roberts           as Bartender
  Jason Emanuel            as Policeman #1
  Paul Anderson            as Kromagg
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