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Episode number: 20
First Aired: 05/31/96
Production number: SL-212
Previous Episode: Obsession
Following Episode: The Young and the Relentless


In a San Francisco dominated by rival gangster families, the Sliders are accidentally thrust into a turf war--and the Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown of this world is the Feds No. 1 crimebuster. -Fox

In a U.S. where Prohibition was never repealed, the Sliders find themselves embroiled in a vicious struggle among warring organized-crime families, corrupt government officials and dedicated G-men--one of whom looks exactly like Rembrandt. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

41. Litigation Earth

Eighty-four percent of this Earth's population has attended law school which makes fear of litigation the primary motivator of every action here. Movie critics don't even dare take a stand on whether or not Pauly Shore is this world's greatest actor or not.

Pack a bag lunch if you want to eat here. Before ordering a hamburger, fries and a cola on this Earth, you will need to present some salmonella insurance, a carbonated beverage release form, a picture ID and a note from your doctor indicating that your cholesterol count is below 200.

42. Prohibition Earth

The eighteenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibited the sale of "intoxicating liquors," was never repealed on this Earth. This resulted in Al Capone and other members of organized crime continuing to gain money and power by bootlegging alcohol and setting up casino gambling empires. The San Francisco skyline of this Earth looks somewhat similar to that of our Las Vegas--neon everywhere.

The power of the federal government on this world has been on the decline for years, even as the regional power of various crime families grows. Nevada is controlled by the Dabelle family while the Greenfeld family controls California.

The Rembrandt Brown of this Earth is the Deputy Director of the FBI and is the head of a group of agents known simply as "The Incorruptables."

On this Earth, Mel Torme is a country western singer(!) who is currently touring with Wynonna Judd. He's also a government informant, passing along information to Deputy Director Brown.



Teleplay by:  Scott Smith Miller
Story by:     Sean Clark and Scott Smith Miller
Directed by:  Allan Eastman
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Cast:
  Donnelly Rhodes           as Ben Greenfeld
  Sarah Strange             as Leah Greenfield
  Benjamin Ratner           as Tommy Greenfeld
  Venus Terzo               as June

Special Appearance By:
  Mel Torme                 as himself

  Clinton Derricks-Carroll  as Rembrandt 2
  Byron Lucas               as John
  William Sasso             as Gomez Calhoun
  Jano Frandsen             as Joseph Biacchi
  Ted Cole                  as Agent Reid
  Joe Maffei                as Dabelle Patriarch
  Russell Ferrier           as Bartender
  Aurelio Di Nunzio         as Pit Boss
  Doug Cameron              as Maitre D'
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