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Episode number: 19
First Aired: 05/24/96
Production number: SL-208
Previous Episode: Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome
Following Episode: Greatfellas


Wade meets the man of her dreams, only to discover he is obsessed with her and has the power to prevent any attempt at escape. -Fox

When the quartet slides into a society dominated by psychics, Wade meets the man of her dreams who happens to be next in line for the position of Prime Oracle, the most powerful person in the world. But when she discovers that her love wants her to remain with him forever (at any cost), the future doesn't look quite so rosy. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

39. New India Earth

It appears that the India of this Earth colonized the western hemisphere before the Europeans did. The men we see in New India wear turbans and cows are free to wander the streets without fear of being turned into hamburgers.

40. Psychic Earth

A full ten percent of this Earth's population show some degree of psychic ability. After a psychic prevented the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865, the President set up the post of Prime Oracle. This post has since become one of the most powerful in the United States, second only to that of the President. Psychics, also known as seers, have prevented the assassination of other leaders as well: John F. Kennedy died in 1996 of complications from Addison's disease rather than being assassinated in 1963. Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., themselves assassinated in the 1960s on our Earth, both attended JFK's funeral.

Medical Oracles of this Earth can diagnose patients merely by touch, although it's unclear whether or not they have any healing abilities. The X-Ray machine is both unknown and unnecessary here.

Psychic Earth is more advanced technologically than ours in some ways; a billboard the Sliders see announces: "Predicted Gold Deposits Found on Moon."

Travellers to this world should be warned that the police can make a "preventative arrest" if a seer determines that you will commit a crime at some point in the future.



Teleplay by:  Jon Povill
Story by:     Jon Povill & Steve Brown
Directed by:  Paris Barclay
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  James Patrick Stuart  as Derek Bond
  Heather Hanson        as Dominique
  Isaac Hayes           as the Prime Oracle

  Malcolm Stewart       as Regent
  Sandra P. Grant       as Melanie
  Paul McGillion        as First Officer
  Hiro Kanagawa         as Henry
  Gillian Carfra        as Young Woman
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