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Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome

Episode number: 18
First Aired: 05/03/96
Production number: SL-210
Previous Episode: In Dino Veritas
Following Episode: Obsession


The Sliders finally make it back to their own Earth, much to the delight of all but Quinn. When Rembrandt's musical career skyrockets, Wade publishes her diary and Arturo becomes famous for his invention, it's up to Quinn to prove that something is very wrong. -Fox

The Sliders finally land in the one place that none of them wants to leave--home--but Quinn is the only one that has doubts about their good fortune. Meanwhile, Arturo hatches a plan to use Quinn's discoveries to win a Nobel prize. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

36. Arrowhead Earth

An Earth which was never colonized by the Europeans and whose geology is substantially different to that of either Earth Double Prime or Earth Prime.

37. Earth Double Prime

An almost exact duplicate of the Sliders' world of origin: Earth Prime. This Earth's Quinn, Wade and Rembrandt became lost while sliding just as our four Sliders did; the only difference is that this Earth's Arturo backed out at the last moment and did not accompany them. Other differences are subtle and could only be noticed after a few days of carefully looking for them. The most obvious difference is that Golden Gate Bridge is blue and is known here as the Azure Gate Bridge.

38. Psychiatrist Earth

All we see of this Earth is the inside of a psychiatrist's office while Rembrandt recounts the events which transpired on Earth Double Prime.



Written by:   Nan Hagen
Directed by:  Adam Nimoy
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Kristoffer Tabori  as Dr. Whelan
  Stacy Grant        as Miss Vonbaeck

  Don MacKay         as Artie Field
  Deanne Henry       as Mrs. Mallory
  Carlton Watson     as Sebastian Smith
  Tom Picket         as Leroy Hopkins
  Brian Arnold       as Barry King
  Linda Ko           as Tanika
  Tina Klassen       as Miss Jennings
  Mike Mitchell      as Guard
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