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As Time Goes By
2nd season finale

Episode number: 23
First Aired: 07/12/96
Production number: SL-206
Previous Episode: Invasion
Following Episode: Rules of the Game


Quinn locates Daelin, a long lost love from home, on a roller coaster ride through three worlds--an America that lost the new world to the Spanish, an earth where time moves backwards and the Sliders are accused of Daelin's murder and a world which seems perfect for Quinn and Daelin to be reunited--but first Quinn must make a decision that could sever their ties forever. -Fox

The Sliders find themselves in a perplexing situation: each time they slide into a new world they encounter the same people as in the previous world. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

47. Nueva Espana Earth

The United States doesn't exist as such on this world--instead the Spanish have formed a country called Nueva Espana. Anglos make up much of the lower class and hold jobs such as household servants and day layborers. Illegal Canadian immigrants stream across the border into Nueva Espana hoping for a piece of the good life and are regularly deported back to Canada.

Quinn accidently discovered an alternate of his childhood sweetheart, Daelin Richards, working as a maid on this world.

48. Abuse Earth

Quinn located this world's Daelin and helped her escape from an abusive relationship. When last seen, Daelin was heading for Seattle with her infant daughter to meet up with this world's Quinn.

49. Time's Arrow Earth

The most remarkable thing about this Earth is that time here seems to flow backwards. Moment by moment, everything seems to be fine, but when a "discontinuity" in time occurs, visitors to this world will find themselves moved to a point in the past. The natives of this Earth do not perceive time to be moving backwards at all; from their point of view the Sliders have knowledge of the future and no memory of past events.

The Sliders changed this Earth's future by preventing the murder of a police officer (Daelin again) who had already been killed when they arrived on this Earth. (Isn't temporal mechanics fun?) Playing with this world's time line seems to have had a adverse effect which Arturo describes as "ripping the fabric of time." The Sliders slid out of this world before seeing what damage, if any, was caused by their actions.

50. Decision Earth

On this world, Quinn decides whether or not he wants to continue pursuing alternate Daelin Richards on each new Earth he visits.



Written by:   Steve Brown
Directed by:  Richard Compton
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Brooke Langton      as Daelin Richards
  Matthew Flint       as Dennis McMillan

  Charlie O'Connell   as Kit Richards
  Dennys Payamps      as Gloria Sanchez
  Eli Gabay           as La Migra
  Mina E. Mina        as Judge Estavez
  Lori Triolo         as La Padrona
  Gary Rousseau       as Jailer
  James Crescenzo     as Head Guard
  Francisco Trujillo  as El Padron
  Dee Jay Jackson     as Bailiff
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