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Rules of the Game
3rd season premiere

Episode number: 24
First Aired: 09/20/96
Production number: SL-302
Previous Episode: As Time Goes By
Following Episode: Double Cross


In the premiere episode, the Sliders land on one of their strangest worlds yet -- where life is a simulated electronic war game -- only the weapons and ammunition are very real. The Sliders meet a woman who captains a team and learn that the government has banned all other sports from being televised and built a wall around part of the city for "The Game." The small handful of people who survive receive millions of dollars. -Fox

In the third-season opener, Arturo is seriously injured when the Sliders become unwitting participants in a bloody game, in which there is only one rule: stay alive. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

51. Igloo Earth

The Sliders spent a month on this earth which Quinn refers to as "Igloo World." Considering that the parkas the Slider were wearing when they arrived on The Game Earth appeared modern and well-constructed and the fact that Wade mentions that she ate a lot of pizza, we can assume this is a world with a technology level similar to our own -- just a lot colder.

52. The Game Earth

The government on this Earth banned all sporting events ten years ago when the country was on the verge of a civil war. The people wanted to be entertained though, so they started up The Game -- a bloody sport held in a walled-off portion of San Francisco where a few dozen teams of players race each other through five levels of tricks, traps and mayhem trying to reach a goal set up near the beach. The first team to reach the goal is the winner and they, or their next of kin, receive $5 million.

A common expression of this world is "See you at the beach." which means "Good luck."



Written by:   Josef Anderson
Directed by:  Oscar Costo
Music by:     Danny Lux
Guest Stars:
  Laurie Fortier  as Nicky
  Joshua Malina   as Egghead
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