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Desert Storm

Episode number: 29
First Aired: 11/01/96
Production number: SL-307
Previous Episode: The Dream Masters
Following Episode: DragonSlide


The Sliders land on a world reminiscent of "Mad Max" where water is so scarce, it's worth its weight in gold. Rumors of a lost society piques the sliders' interest and they go in search of that hidden treasure. -Fox

After landing in a world where water is scarce, the Sliders come to the aid of a mysterious young woman who's been the virtual slave of a thug who wants to to exploit her gift: the uncanny ability to find water. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

62. Mad Max Earth

All the surface water of this Earth has dried up. Civilization now consists of "tribes" fighting over water, supplies, or anything else of value.

One tribe lives in what has become known as the Lost City of Aquarius--a hidden village of abundant water and lush vegetation. Some members of this tribe have the ability to locate underground water, a very handy (and sought after) technique.



Written by:   Matt Dearborn
Directed by:  Jim Johnston
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Gina Philips         as Devin
  Kristofer Lindquist  as Jeremy
  Ken Steadman         as Cutter
  Lester Barrie        as Diggs
  Michael Lee Gogin    as Master Healer

In Memory of:        Ken Steadman

  Christopher Maleki   as Wolf
  Constance Forslund   as Fiona
  Judson Mills         as Davy
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