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Double Cross

Episode number: 25
First Aired: 09/27/96
Production number: SL-301
Previous Episode: Rules of the Game
Following Episode: Electric Twister Acid Test


The gang lands on a world nearly deplete of natural resources and encounters a group of people near to discovering the secret of sliding -- but for evil purposes. Meanwhile, Rembrandt is kidnapped by a crazy fan. -Fox

After landing in a city where supplies are scarce, the Sliders meet scientists who are trying to perfect sliding and whose seeming cooperation impress Quinn, Wade, Arturo and Rembrandt. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

53. Remmy's New Boots Earth

On this Earth, Rembrandt Brown picked up a new pair of boots which almost got the Sliders killed when they slid into a BART tunnel on Eco-Disaster Earth.

54. Eco-Disaster Earth

The natural resources of this world are almost gone. Oil supplies are low, forcing gasoline prices over $400 a gallon, which makes cars extremely rare. Animals, especially food animals, are also rare. This world's U.S. Congress recently put horses on the endangered species list. People are reduced to eating things like "Geomash," a disgusting gruel which comes in two flavors, green and yellow. Even paper seems to be rare, newspapers have been reduced to a single page.

San Francisco, which here is called San Angeles, is a neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles which covers most of California's coast.

Alternate Rembrandt Brown is famous on this world and is currently touring Europe. He never recorded the song "Tears in my 'Fro" here, but he did record "I'd Pawn My Gold Crown For You" which is a song 'our' Rembrandt never recorded.

A group of scientists on this Earth, led by Quinn's female alternate, Logan St. Clair, are close to perfecting a Sliding device of their own. Their intent is to use this device to steal natural resources from neighboring dimensions.

55. Reggae Earth

Hey, mon, the Sliders landed in a Los Angeles Reggae bar on this Earth.



Written by:   Tony Blake & Paul Jackson
Directed by:  Richard Compton
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Zoe McLellan          as Logan St. Clair
  Mari Morrow           as Monique
  Lester Barrie         as Elston Diggs
  Michael Bryan French  as Adrian Fayne
  Diana Castle          as Mrs. Arturo


  Charles Noland        as Desk Clerk
  Skip Stellrecht       as Guard #1
  Michael Marick        as Guard #2
  David L. Nelson       as Michael
  Warren Sweeney        as Vendor
  Machael A. Krawic     as Hobo
  Kris Iyer             as Maitre D'
  Gerry del Sol         as Passenger
  Monte Perlin          as Motorcycle Guard
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