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Episode number: 47
First Aired: 05/09/97
Production number: SL-322
Previous Episode: Dinoslide
Following Episode: This Slide of Paradise


Wade falls under the spell of a gothic-rock band's charismatic lead singer, who -- unbeknownst to Wade -- is also a full-blooded vampire with a taste for young groupies. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

102. Nosferatu Earth

Visitors to this world are advised to keep garlic, a wooden stake and a cricifix close at hand: vampires are real on this world. One group of vampires in particular have been together for well over a hundred years and has formed a rock band called "Stoker." Although being a vampire has been a felony since 1897, there have been some famous (infamous?) ones more recently; for instance there was one was named Nixon...



Written by:   Josef Anderson
Directed by:  Jerry O'Connell
Guest Stars:
  Ryan Alosio           as Morgan
  Neil Dickson          as Colonel Angus Rickman
  Duff McKagan          as Harker
  Danny Masterson       as Renfield
  Tommy Chong           as Van Elsinger
  Ted Rooney            as Technician
  Leslie Monique Soule  as Mina
  Barry Livingston      as Eddie Selk
  Lauri Pressler        as Nurse
  Anthony David         as Security Guard
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