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This Slide of Paradise
3rd season finale

Episode number: 48
First Aired: 05/16/97
Production number: SL-325
Previous Episode: Stoker
Following Episode: not yet known


After cornering Rickman on a world inhabited by bizarre hybrids, the Sliders finally have a chance to get home -- until they encounter a scientist who's trying to create a race of slaves from the DNA of humans. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

103. The Earth of Dr. Moreau

The Sliders landed on a semi-tropical island on this Earth; an earthquake might has caused potions of this world's California to sink or perhaps they just landed on one of the islands off the California coast. A population of animal/human hybrids of varying levels of intelligence live on this island. These hybrids were created by a Doctor Vargas who lives in a secured compound on this island.

Colonel Rickman was killed on this world when he lept off a cliff toward a vortex which closed just before he entered it. Don't you hate it when that happens?

104. Futuristic Earth

Quinn and Maggie, after being seperated from Wade and Remmie, slide to this world which is much farther along technologically than our own Earth. Huge machines are seen passing slowly overhead, perhaps using some sort of anti-gravity device--no wings are visible.

Despite Quinn's "We've slid into the future!" comment, this probably is not the future. He and Maggie just happened to slide to a world which has progressed technologically at a much faster rate than our own.



Written by:   Nan Hagan
Directed by:  Jim Johnston
Guest Stars:
  Melinda Clarke       as Alisandra                     
  Neil Dickson         as Colonel Angus Rickman                       
  Deron Michael McBee  as Ceres                         
  Marc Riffon          as Daniel                        
  Michael York         as Doctor Vargas                    
  Sam Gifaldi          as Michael
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