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Love Gods

Episode number: 12
First Aired: 03/08/96
Production number: SL-204
Previous Episode: Into the Mystic
Following Episode: Gillian of the Spirits


Arriving on a world where the male population has been rendered impotent by a virus, the male sliders find themselves elevated to the status of "love gods" by a society of women eager to repopulate the planet. -Fox

In a world where germ warfare has exterminated most of the male population, Quinn, Rembrandt and Arturo discover that they've been pegged as runaway "breeders," and every nation of the world wants to capture them. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

23. X Chromosome Earth

During a conflict in this world's Middle East, the Iraqis released some kind of viral agent which attacked the Y chromosome and caused the death of most of the male population. Australia, with less than 2,000 surviving men, was one of the countries least affected by this weapon. Now, years later, the industrial countries of the world are in a race to repopulate the planet.

Although this might seem an attractive world for a male slider to visit, be warned that all men are kept in what amounts to sexual slave labor camps. Any man who escapes from these camps will be shot on sight if he is believed to be trying to defect to another country.



Written by:   Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Directed by:  John McPherson
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Gwynyth Walsh     as Detective L. Specateli
  Jennifer Nash     as Diana
  Georgia Emelin    as Billie Jean
  Jon Pennell       as David
  Deb Podowski      as O'Grady
  Kathryn Anderson  as Jane
  Andrew Guy        as Trevor Grant
  Kendall Cross     as Cara
  D. Neil Mork      as Stationary Biker
  Dawn Roberts      as TV Newscaster
  Jane Knox         as Woman #1
  Jan Bailey        as Woman #2
  Ona Grauer        as Debra
  Kathleen Barr     as Aussie Guard
  Kamilyn Kaneko    as Clerk
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