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The Weaker Sex

Episode number: 8
First Aired: 05/03/95
Production number: SL-107
Previous Episode: Eggheads
Following Episode: The King is Back


The Sliders travel to an Earth where men are considered second class. -Fox

Arturo finds himself in a potentially deadly mayoral race in a world where men are treated as "The Weaker Sex" and women hold the positions of power and respect. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

15. Women's Earth

Women wear the pants on this world. Women here fly planes, hold public office, play professional sports, and are the captains of industry. They can even become Pope, just ask Pope Jane Pauley! Men stay home and take care of the kids or, maybe, get a job as a receptionist. Hillary Clinton is president. One wonders if Elizabeth Dole ran against her in the 1996 election.

16. Tahiti Earth

A nice place to spend nine days, sipping Singapore Slings beachside.



Written by:   Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin
Directed by:  Vern Gillum
Music by:     Mark Mothersbaugh
Guest Starring:
  Sara Botsford        as Mayor Anita Ross
  Robert Curtis-Brown  as Danny Eizenbach
  Jill Teed            as Serena Braxton
  Alf Humpheys         as Pete
  Andrew Wheeler       as Ken
  Liza Huget           as Lois
  Peter Kelamis        as Glenn
  Douglas Sills        as Ed
  Joe Maffei           as Bernie
  Teresa Barnwell      as Hillary Clinton
  Tamara Stanners      as Jeanie Moses
  Leigh Morrow         as Anchor Woman
  Peg Christopherson   as Female Shopper
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