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The King is Back

Episode number: 9
First Aired: 05/10/95
Production number: SL-109
Previous Episode: The Weaker Sex
Following Episode: Luck of the Draw


Rembrandt plans to assume the life of his double, the king of rock and roll, on an Earth where the Sliders are treated like royalty. -Fox

It looks like "The King is Back" when Rembrandt is mistaken for a long-deceased rock legend, but an old enemy would like to see the Crying Man disappear again--permanently. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

17. Law and Order Earth

On this world, the crime of spray painting a freeway overpass carries the death penalty. Not only that but, due to Proposition 199, the "Instant Justice Initiative", the appeal process only takes a moment--long enough for the judge to say "Request denied." Sliders visiting this world are advised to keep off the grass.

Since Quinn is convicted of this crime based on eyewitness and fingerprint evidence, I think it's safe to assume that this world's Quinn is a bit of a criminal, or at least a rebel. It's also worth mentioning that the judge who sentences Quinn bears an uncanny resemblance to Judge Lance Ito.

18. Crying Man's Earth

Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown was the King of Rock and Roll on this Earth until a tragic sponge fishing accident in the Gulf apparently ended his life at the peak of his career. Now, years later, there are Crying Man impersonators and a shrine to his memory in Memphis. Imagine this world's surprise when the Sliders arrive.

19. Ice Cream Earth

All we know of this world is that Quinn and Rembrandt got jobs as street venders selling ice cream (King brand ice cream of course!)



Written by:   Tracy Torme
Directed by:  Vern Gillum
Music by:     Mark Mothersbaugh
Guest Starring:
  Chuck McCann              as Captain Jack Brim
  Clinton Derricks-Carroll  as Alternate Rembrandt
  Tom Pickett               as Maurice Fish
Special Guest Appearance by:
  Eadie Del Rubio
  Elena Del Rubio
  Milly Del Rubio           as The Del Rubio Sisters

  Janet Kent                as Lawyer
  Michelle T. Carter        as Penny Jensen
  Sheri-D Wilson            as secretary
  William Sasso             as Gomez Calhoun
  Judith Maxie              as Charmange
  Nicholas Harrison         as Nick
  Peter Hanlon              as Expert Analyzer
  Richard Ihara             as Judge
  Tyler Van Blankenstein    as First Kid
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