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Luck of the Draw
1st season finale

Episode number: 10
First Aired: 05/17/95
Production number: SL-110
Previous Episode: The King is Back
Following Episode: Into the Mystic


On a seemingly perfect Earth, Wade wins the lottery; then Quinn learns the real purpose of the contest. -Fox

Wade finds that she has money to burn when she wins the lottery in a seemingly utopian world, but she soon discovers that her silver cloud has a very dark lining. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

20. Lottery Earth

Society on this world keeps the population down to a mere 500 million through a variety of means including birth control drugs in cola and a lottery system which usually proves fatal to the winners. The president of this world's United States is Jocelyn Elders.

The Sliders are joined by two others from this world: Ryan and a dog named Henry.

21. Cliffhanger Earth

At the end of the episode Luck of the Draw, Quinn was shot in the back by the Lottery Police while escaping Lottery Earth.

In Into the Mystic, the Sliders spent their three days on this world taking care of Quinn; Ryan helped by digging the bullet out of Quinn's shoulder. Ryan, and presumably Henry the dog, stayed behind on this world.



Written by:   Jon Povill
Directed by:  Les Landau
Music by:     Dennis McCarthy
Theme by:     Mark Mothersbaugh
Guest Starring:
  Nicholas Lea            as Ryan
  Cynthia "Alex" Datcher  as Julianne Murphy
  Kevin Cooney            as Ken Neisser

Special Guest Appearance by:
  Geoff Edwards           as Himself

  Tim Henry               as Agent Jones
  Mike Kopsa              as Agent Wilson
  Nathan Venering         as Father Fergus
  Walter March            as Fatherly Man
  Kristina Matisic        as News Anchor
  Ted Cole                as Friendly Man
  David Glyn-Jones        as Elderly Man
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