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Into the Mystic
2nd season premiere

Episode number: 11
First Aired: 03/01/96
Production number: SL-203
Previous Episode: Luck of the Draw
Following Episode: Love Gods


With Quinn seriously injured from a gunshot wound, the Sliders search for a doctor on what appears to be the strangest Earth they've yet seen. The only one they can find is a witch doctor, who tells them about the all powerful sorcerer who is said to have the knowledge about sliding. The sliders set out upon a journey a la "The Wizard of Oz" to his castle beyond the Golden Gargoyle Gate bridge to find the sorcerer in the hopes of finding their way home on the Sliders season premiere. -Fox

Return: The adventures of brilliant grad student Quinn Mallory and his three reluctant companions on an interdimensional rollar-coaster ride. First up: the intrepid quartet lands in a world mired in mysticism and superstition and ruled by a mysterious entity known as The Sorcerer. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

21. Cliffhanger Earth

At the end of the episode Luck of the Draw, Quinn was shot in the back by the Lottery Police while escaping Lottery Earth.

In Into the Mystic, the Sliders spent their three days on this world taking care of Quinn; Ryan helped by digging the bullet out of Quinn's shoulder. Ryan, and presumably Henry the dog, stayed behind on this world.

22. Halloween Earth

A world where interaction with the paranormal is very normal and the CEO of the world's most successful corporation is known as "the Sorcerer." When visiting this world, be sure to see the Golden Gargoyle Gate Bridge -- from a safe distance of course. One other piece of advice: never EVER skip out on a bill owed to a licenced shaman, not ever the great lawyer Ross J. Kelley could help you if you did!



Written by:    Tracy Torme
Directed by:   Richard Compton
Music by:      Anthony Marinelli
New Theme by:  Anthony Marinelli and Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Christopher Neame  as Dr. Xang
  Phil Fondacaro     as Bounty Hunter
  Hrothgar Mathews   as Mr. Gale
  Nicholas Lea       as Ryan
  Mikal Dughi        as Nurse
  John Novak         as Ross J. Kelley
  Alex Bruhanski     as Pavel Kurlienko
  Karin Konoval      as Fortune Teller
  Rod Wilson         as Sorcerer
  Deanne Henry       as Mrs. Mallory
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