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Episode number: 7
First Aired: 04/26/95
Production number: SL-108
Previous Episode: Summer of Love
Following Episode: The Weaker Sex


The Sliders land where intellectuals are as famous as athletes; a gangster mistakes Quinn for his double. -Fox

While Quinn struggles with fame in a world where intellectuals are more popular than pro athletes, Arturo tries for a reconciliation with a long-lost love. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

14. Egghead Earth

A world where the super-intelligent have fans the way athletes do on our Earth, gangsters speak Latin, and public libraries have longer hours due to popular demand. Nikke (our Nike) uses the slogan: "Just think it."

Alternate Quinn is the captain of the University of California's MINDGAME team (the Eggheads) but he's also $1,000,000 in debt to a gangster. Alternate Arturo is a Chairman at the University when he isn't on the lecture circuit at such places as the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. In addition, alternate Arturo's wife has filed for divorce. (Arturo's wife on Earth Prime, the same woman, died when they were in their twenties and he's still very much in love with her.) Both alternate Quinn and alternate Arturo disappeared several months ago, supposedly on a slide, but our Sliders were never able to confirm that fact or locate their equipment.



Teleplay by:  Scott Smith Miller
Story by:     Scott Smith Miller & Jacob Epstein
Directed by:  Timothy Bond
Music by:     Mark Mothersbaugh
Guest Starring:
  Charles Cyphers    as Coach Almquist
  Peter Spellos      as Jimmy Fountain
  Gabrielle Rose     as Kristina Fox Arturo
Special Guest Appearances by:
  Rick Garcia        as Referee
  Tom Jackson        as Color Commentator
  Ron Pitts          as Play-by-Play Announcer
  Andrew Guy         as Wilson
  Karen Austin       as Lydia
  William B. Davis   as Professor Myman

  Roman Danylo       as Boyer
  Johnny Mah         as Victor
  Rachel Hayward     as Karen
  Anthony Harrison   as Agent Cannon
  Marc Baur          as Agent O'Malley
  Sheelah Megill     as Mrs. Dana Bingham
  Colin Warner       as Harvard Captain
  Bentley Mitchum    as M.I.T. Player
  Mark Poyser        as Rapper Leader
  Carl Hibbert       as Rapper #1
  Michael McMillian  as Rapper #2
  Amanda O'Leary     as Librarian
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