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Gillian of the Spirits

Episode number: 13
First Aired: 03/15/96
Production number: SL-207
Previous Episode: Love Gods
Following Episode: The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy


When Quinn is strangely separated from the other sliders, trapped alone on an eerie astral plane, his only hope lies with Gillian, a young girl with psychic powers--and the only one who can see and hear him. -Fox

When a bizarre accident separates Quinn from the rest of the Sliders, the only hope for the remaining trio is to put their faith in a troubled young girl with a history of hearing voices--and an ability to communicate with spirits. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

24. Monsoon Earth

The San Francisco of this Earth is subject to very violent rain storms. There must be some sort of civilization since the Sliders were able to find rain gear to wear before they slid off this world. Rembrandt later refered to this world as "Rain World."

25. Technophobe Earth

Following the destruction of Hiroshima at the close of World War II, this world turned away from science and technology, fearing their uncontrolled spread as something evil. The Bureau of Anti-Technology, the local equivalent of the F.B.I., hunts down people who secretly use technology or advocate its use. Nonetheless, in the fifty years since the end of the war, technology and culture has slowly progressed on this world until it has reached what would seem to us to be the mid-1950s.

Quinn's alternate father, Michael Mallory, keeps a stash of technology in a basement workshop. Alternate Quinn died some time ago from Polio--this world has no Polio vaccine.

26. Nudist Earth

On this world, everyone from mail carriers to housewives shuns the use of clothing.



Written by:   Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Directed by:  Paris Barclay
Music by:     Anthony Marinelli
Guest Stars:
  Deanna Milligan  as Gillian
  Tom Butler       as Michael Mallory
  Gillian Barber   as Nicole
  Gerard Plunkett  as Father Jerry
  Greg Rogers      as Major Phillips
  William Sasso    as Gomez Calhoun
  Mitch Kosterman  as Muscle Guy No. 1
  Peter Fleming    as Traffic Policeman
  Sheelan Megil    as Mrs. Henry
  Nicole Parker    as Monica
  Alex Ferguson    as Cab Driver
  Sylvio Pollio    as Guard No. 1
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