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The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy

Episode number: 14
First Aired: 03/22/96
Production number: SL-205
Previous Episode: Gillian of the Spirits
Following Episode: El Sid


In a modern world which embraces the code of the Wild West and corporate takeovers are handled by the fast draw, Quinn is mistaken for the fastest gun around. Now everyone in town is gunning for him. -Fox

In an America in which all land west of the Mississippi is part of the Nation of Texas, Quinn finds himself at the center of some highly unorthodox corporate raiding when a gunfight earns him a reputation for being quick on the draw. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

27. Dust Earth

We never see this world, all we know of it comes from Arturo's disgusted comment as the Sliders arrive in a livery stable on Gunslinger Earth: "From a world of dust to a world of dung. Thank you Quinn Mallory for inventing sliding!"

28. Gunslinger Earth

Lawyers are literally the hired guns of this world; using their six-shooters while staging hostle takeovers of rival corporations is not unusual.

This world seems to have diverged from ours in the 1800s when the nation of Texas decided not to join the United States. Later, while the Civil War raged in the early 1860s, Texas expanded westward to the Pacific. San Francisco is a city in Texas.



Written by:   Scott Miller
Directed by:  Oscar L. Costo
Music by:     Anthony Marinelli
Guest Stars:
  Karen Witter        as Pricilla
  Jamie Denton        as Jack Bullock
  Kent Faulcon        as Billy Rae
  Keegan MacIntosh    as Jamie
  Peter Lacroix       as the Sheriff
  Lochlyn Munro       as Billy the Kid
  Stephen Fanning     as Cliff Sutter
  Greg Thirloway      as Hank Arnette
  Barry Levy          as Jed Dalton
  Adrian Hughes       as Deputy Joe Bob
  Bark Anderson       as Lonnie Skayler
  Roger Barnes        as Exchange Official
  Jackson Cole        as Poker Player
  April Telek         as Honey Sue
  Dean Allan Hinckey  as Crooner
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