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El Sid

Episode number: 15
First Aired: 03/29/96
Production number: SL-202
Previous Episode: The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy
Following Episode: Time Again and World


Landing on a chaotic world of violence and mayhem, Quinn rescues a beautiful young woman in distress, permanently alienating El Sid, her vicious, pathological boyfriend. El Sid follows the Sliders to the next world and plots revenge on our heros--only everyone's a prisoner on this Earth as San Francisco is not what it seems. -Fox

When Quinn rescues a beautiful young woman in distress on a world ruled by violence, her homicidal boyfriend swearing vengeance for an imagined slight, follows the sliders through the vortex. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

29. War Zone Earth

A catastrophic war occurred on this world about ten years before the Sliders' arrival. It appears that all forms of government have been totally destroyed and armed gangs now fight perpetual turf wars in the rubble.

30. Prison Earth

Although the San Francisco of this Earth appears to be a clean, well run city, it is actually part of the San Francisco National Penitentiary. The guards are known as custodians and look more like janitors than jailers. Each inmate is paired off with another and, if either one commits a crime, both are killed.

Just in case that wasn't enough, seismologists on this world have predicted that the entire San Francisco peninsula is going to drop off into the ocean in a massive earthquake due "any time now."

A commonly seen sign in this oppressive San Francisco is: "WE APPRECIATE THAT YOU CHOOSE NOT TO STAND IN THE SAME PLACE FOR LONG PERIODS." Lovely.



Written by:   Jon Povill
Directed by:  Paris Barclay
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Jeffery Dean Morgan  as Sid
  Rebecca Chambers     as Michele
  Claude Brooks        as L.J.
  Jed Dixon            as Leo
  Raimund Stamm        as Big Jake
  Reese McBeth         as Blade
  Sandra P. Grant      as M.S.W.
  Maria Herrera        as Delores
  Chappelle Jaffe      as Gladys
  Scott Swanson        as Hostage
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