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Time Again and World

Episode number: 16
First Aired: 04/05/96
Production number: SL-201
Previous Episode: El Sid
Following Episode: In Dino Veritas


When the Sliders land on a world and discover that everything seems to mirror events that occurred on the last world, Wade uses the knowledge to try and prevent a series of murders. The Sliders soon find themselves in the middle of a dangerous and mysterious plot. -Fox

Wade witnesses a shooting seconds before a slide, but when the vortex lands the travelers in a parallel San Francisco just as the same murder is about to occur, she intervenes--an action that embroils the quartet in a bizarre plot involving a disgraced federal judge, an underground resistance movement and a United States under martial law. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

31. Bearded Women Earth

This world seems to be very similar to the Skirted Cops Earth described below. The most obvious differences are that women have facial hair and policemen don't wear skirts. It also appears that the U.S. Constitution was abridged on this Earth as well.

32. Skirted Cops Earth

Following the assassination of President Kennedy by the Rosenbergs, J. Edgar Hoover became President of this world's United States. The U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, was abridged in 1962 or 1963 when martial law was declared. Now, possession of a copy of the full, unabridged version of the Constitution is an offense punishable by death.

Rock and Roll music has been largely suppressed on this Earth. Acceptable music includes: "Liberace Unplugged," "Jim Morrison Sing Irving Berlin," and Kurt Cobain's new "The Christmas Album."

The J. Edgar Hoover of this world was a cross dresser and, due to this influence, male police officers wear skirts when they are on duty.



Written by:   Jacob Epstein
Directed by:  Vern Gillum
Music by:     Anthony Marinelli
Guest Stars:
  Rebecca Gayheart     as Natalie
  Garry Chalk          as Lt. Graves
  Gary Jones           as Michael Hurley
  George Delhoyo       as Judge John Nassau
  Garvin Cross         as Alverez
  Ravinder Toor        as L.C.
  Barry Greene         as Deitrich
  Lesley Ewen          as O'Neill
  Jed Rees             as Hipster
  William Sasso        as Gomez Calhoun
  Tom Heaton           as Rummy
  Robert Metcalfe      as Bartender
  Alfred E. Humphreys  as Family Man
  Brad Loree           as Driver #1
  Travis MacDonald     as Lowlife
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