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as of 17 November 2016
As I'm sure you have noticed, there are a lot fewer geocaches listed on my maps today than there were a few days ago. In fact, none of the geocaches hosted by the folks at Groundspeak (geocaching.com) are currently listed.

Why? Well I only want to show caches on my maps that I know are both accurate and up-to-date and I can't do that anymore.

As many of you are aware, Groundspeak Inc. and myself have been in discussions for a long time now (since August of 2003!) whereby they would freely provide the information I needed to keep these maps 100% accurate. The talks seemed to be going well and none of the technical issues seemed all that difficult -- I was given a sample set of data way back in January of 2005. So what was the problem?

Legal issues. My lawyers said I'd be foolish to sign the agreement as presented to me by Groundspeak Inc. I can't go into details (again due to legal reasons) but the agreement would bind me in certain very strict ways and yet there was nothing in the contract that would bind Groundspeak to provide my site with geocache data that was 1) accurate 2) timely, or 3) complete. So why *would* I sign such an agreement?

So anyway, with the turning of the new year, I have decided to make a clean start by removing all the Groundspeak-related data from my web site. My apologies to all the geocachers affected by this -- it certainly isn't something I want to do, but under the circumstance I feel I must.

So what's in the future? Well, I've already been contacted by other geocaching and GPS games web sites asking what they can do to help get their data on my maps. (How refreshing!) I'll be working with Quinn and the kind folks over at Navicache.com to make sure their data is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. And I have a few ideas for map improvements that even those subscription-based corporate geocaching sites haven't thought of yet. ;-)

So if you're the owner of a web site and you have GPS-related game data you'd like to see on these maps, contact me at waypoint@brillig.com and we'll talk.


You might notice that there are a few more caches on my maps today than there were yesterday. Yay! Thanks for your patience everybody! Happy caching!

Added the dashpoints for February to the maps in addition to those for January. These additional dashpoints are shown on all the "local" maps but may not be displayed on some of the large-scale maps if it would make them too cluttered.

Visit the geodashing home page to learn more about geodashing!

Increased the number of dashpoints that can be drawn on a single map from 500 to 1000. This will now allow dashpoints to be displayed on the following maps: South Africa, Quebec, Queensland, Bolivia, Ontario, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Western Australia, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.

Also, fixed a bug where a map's title string could be clipped if the map was very narrow (e.g. Finland).

Happy New Year, folks! I'm pleased to announce that my maps now display the current month's crop of geodashing points.

A geodash point (commonly called a "dashpoint") is a randomly selected point on the Earth's surface that people can visit and then log what they found. To keep the game fresh, the dashpoints move to a new location on the first day of every month. Dashpoints have an uncanny knack for falling in very interesting spots and it's always fun to read people's reports of what they've found each month.

You can learn more about geodashing by visiting the geodashing home page or by reading this excellent article published last Fall in Today's Cacher.

Enjoy, and happy dashing!

Fixed a bug in the map pages' HTML that prevented the cache names from appearing when you hold the mouse over the cache dots on the maps in browsers like Netscape and Firefox.

I just wanted to let you all know what was up with this web site and why none of the caches listed at geocaching.com have been updated on my maps since August 22nd. Well, the short answer is the the folks at Groundspeak have blocked my access. I've sent off an email... Read more here

Added nine detail maps for the Nashville, Tennessee area. Of these nine maps, five are very sparsely populated with cache numbers in the single digits. However, the four maps that show detailed views of Nashville itself are very densely populated. One detail map in particular, the map of Southeast Nashville, has almost 200 caches in an area about twenty miles on a side!

Woo hoo! Just before noon today (PST) Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint had its one millionth visitor!

This website has certainly grown since the days way back in March 2001 when it just consisted of a map of California showing the 150 or so caches then hidden in the entire state. To show how geocaching has grown in the past two years, as of today there are 5,308 free geocaches in California alone.

Added eight additional detail maps for the Puget Sound, Washington area. Most of the caches in this area are in and around the city of Bremerton, just west of Seattle.

Added maps of the Azores (5 caches) and of the Madeira islands (1 cache).

The Azores and Madeira are offshore autonomous regions of Portugal.

I added five new detail maps for the Marin, California area today. These maps complement the nine detail maps for the San Francisco Bay Area which have existed since last November.

Added nine detailed map for the Provo and Utah Lake, Utah area. These new maps are just south of, and connect to, the nine maps of the Salt Lake City and Ogden area I did a month ago.

The addition of these maps officially brings the number of maps on this web site past the 1,500 mark!

Added nine detailed maps for the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. Each map covers an area approximately twenty miles across. Not surprisingly, the Minneapolis and the St. Paul maps show the most caches. Have fun!

Added a map of Antarctica. Once upon a time, actually it was just last October, you could say that there were caches everywhere except Antarctica. Now there are nine very chilly caches there! Let's go!

Added a map of the Cayman Islands (8 caches).

Added eight new detail maps for the Chicagoland area.

Added eighteen new detail maps for the Phoenix, Arizona area. The "parent" maps are North Phoenix and South Phoenix.

Added nine more Pennsylvania maps detailing the Harrisburg and York area.

Added nine detail maps for the Reading, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware area. These nine maps are just west of the ones I did for the Philadelphia area a few days ago. Judging by the number of geocaches, people in Pennsylvania have been busy!

Added detail maps for the Riverside and Palm Springs area, the Stockton and Modesto area, and the Thousand Oaks area. These 24 maps are all located in California.

Added nine more detailed maps for the Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area:

The Geneva, New York map has been renamed "Geneva and Auburn". Once I did that, I subdivided it into the following nine maps: So the Geneva map still exists (I didn't want to break anyone's bookmarks) but it now shows a more detailed area. As with the adjacent Rochester, New York map, there are a great many caches here that exists both on Navicache.com and Geocaching.com. Log them on both sites!

I also added nine new maps for the Salt Lake City and Ogden Area:

There already were individual maps for both Ogden and Salt Lake City, but these new maps show more detail and have the typical navigation arrows so that you can easily scroll to adjacent tiles.

The map of the Boston MA and Providence RI area has been further sub-divided into these nine maps: Each of these maps covers an area approximately twenty miles on a side.

Cambridge (108 caches) and the Boston area (78 caches) contain most of the area's caches but the Plymouth area (50 caches) is also well-represented.

Added maps of Barbados (5 caches) and Cambodia (6 caches).

Added maps of both Namibia and Taiwan. This completes the maps of all countries containing seven or more geocaches.

Added maps of Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and South Korea (7 caches each).

Added a map of the Vietnam (8 caches).

With this map completed, Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint now has maps for every country in the world containing eight or more geocaches. Another way to look at this is that each of the top fifty countries, in terms of the number of geocaches they contain, now have their own maps.

Added a map of the Philippines (8 caches).

Added maps of Costa Rica and Cyprus (8 caches each).

Both Bolivia (8 caches) and India (9 caches) now have their own maps.

I added a map of Hong Kong (9 caches) today.

I found it interesting that the owner of one cache hidden in Hong Kong, marked it as being in located in "in China". Hmmm... Anyway, that's why one of the cache's displayed on the Hong Kong map is drawn in a smaller size: the map drawing code thinks it's drawing a cache located outside of the country and those always get drawn in a slightly smaller size.

Aruba (9 caches), Honduras (9 caches), and Kenya (10 caches) each have their own maps now.

I added maps of both the British Virgin Islands (11 caches) and the (US) Virgin Islands (8 caches). So how come no one has hidden a cache on St. Croix yet?

Added a map of Luxembourg (11 caches). That makes 21 different maps of the countries in Europe!

If you haven't already done so, check out the cool GPS-related article in the February issue of Discover Magazine. Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint gets a big mention and the author, Steven Johnson, goes on to talk about some new uses for GPS devices. You didn't think looking for McDonalds toys in tupperware boxes was it, did you? =)

Server update: Last week's server problems have gone away. The CPU time necessary to build this site's 1300+ maps was getting to be a bit much for my ISP and they were letting me know by terminating my map-building processes. Whoops! The problem has now been solved by buying a larger CPU time allotment.

On a related note, have I mentioned my Donations page lately? *sigh*

Again, thanks for your patience! -Buxley

Added a map of the Central American country of Belize (10 caches).

Both Puerto Rico (12 caches) and Turkey (11 caches) have their own maps now.

Don't forget that you can use the Find a Map... page (available from this site's navigation bar on the left) to find new maps that you might not know about. It's also great for just browsing the world's maps to see what geocaches are out there. =)

Important note: Brillig.com has been having some server difficulties today. I think this is due to the expanded growth Buxley's Geocaching Website has enjoyed over the past few months both in terms of sheer number of maps (1,360 last time I counted) and the number of visitors to this web site each day. It's actually a great problem to have! =) In any case, please let me know if you experence any problems and I'll investigate the problems on this end. Thanks for your patience! -Buxley

I added a map of Croatia. It's hard for me to believe, but this is the twentieth country in Europe to get its own geocaching map!

Since the Rochester, New York map has gotten crowded with both Groundspeak and Navicache-based geocaches, I divided it up into the following nine maps, each covering an area about twenty miles across with far more detail: Not surprisingly, the maps of North Rochester and South Rochester show the most geocaches, but the map showing Letchworth State Park has quite a few as well.

Also, at the request of a donator, I've added a map of the Okinawa Islands. Making a donation to Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint doesn't necessarily guarantee your new map request will pop to the top of my miles-long "to do" list, but it certainly doesn't hurt! ;-)

Happy New Year everyone! I've added a popup for the Australian state and territory maps to the Find a Map... page.

Added a map for the Australian Capital Territory including Jervis Bay.

Added two more Australia maps: Queensland and Tasmania.

Added maps of New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Added a map of Victoria, Australia, not to be confused with Victoria, Texas which got its own map back in November.

I hope you all had a nice holiday!

Added maps of Greece, Guam, and Malaysia.

I also added a long-overdue map of South Australia. The rest of Australia's states and territories will be mapped soon, but not today--I still have some Christmas shopping to do! =)

Today I renamed the Seattle map to be the Greater Seattle map and then subdivided it into nine smaller, more detailed maps -- one of which is now, not surprisingly, the new Seattle map. The nine new maps are:

The map of the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area has been further sub-divided into these nine maps:

The map of the San Diego, California area has been further sub-divided into these nine maps: Each map covers an area approximately twenty miles across.

Added maps of Singapore and Thailand.

I added maps of both Chile and Peru today.

Added a map of The Bahamas.

Added maps of Austria, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Switzerland. It was a busy day. =)

It's too rainy to go out geocaching today, so I added three more maps instead. Today's additions are Italy, Finland, and Norway.

Three new maps: I added maps for Belgium, Denmark, and the Cape Town and False Bay area in South Africa.

I've added tile maps for the state of Hawaii. These tile maps are to the same scale as those for the mainland and Alaska, roughly 60 miles on a side and centered on degree confluences (e.g. the map of Honolulu is centered on N 21° W 158°).

The only downside to tiling the islands this way is that some of the islands have been split down the middle, appearing on two adjacent tile maps. When this has happened, I've place a link to a map of the entire island just below the tile map. So if you'd rather see a complete map of the Big Island, Kauai, Maui, Moloka'i and Lanai, or Oahu you can do that too.

This completes the tile maps for the entire United States. The total number of these maps came out to be 1,151.

I also made some changes to the HTML underlying all the maps. These changes should make the web pages load about twenty to thirty percent faster.

Added a Find a Map... page which features a set of menus that let you quickly jump to all the large-scale (i.e. state/province and larger) maps.

A few of these menus have also found their way onto the main page and the United States map page.

A few days ago, I added the following button to my web pages; you may have noticed it under the menu on the left side of the page:

Visit Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint for maps, statistics and more!

Since I received a few questions about it, let me answer them here: Please feel free to use this button on your own web pages in any way you wish. That's what it's there for! =)

If you'd like to use it as a button to go to this web site, you can use the following code:

  <a href="http://www.brillig.com/geocaching/"><img
  width="88" height="31" border="0"
  alt="Visit Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint for maps, statistics and more!"

Here's another, slightly larger, button you might want to use:

Visit Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint for maps, statistics and more!

The HTML code needed to use this artwork is very similar:

  <a href="http://www.brillig.com/geocaching/"><img
  width="150" height="50" border="0"
  alt="Visit Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint for maps, statistics and more!"

Thanks to everyone who asked (that's always nice) but please go ahead and use either (or both!) of these buttons wherever and however you'd like. Don't feel you have to use exactly the same HTML code I used either, I just provided that as an example for people new to creating web pages.

Thanks for the links!

Added a Donate page for people who want to make a donation via PayPal.

Whew! I am extremely happy to announce that the tile (or scrolling) maps for Alaska have been completed. Each of these maps is the same scale as the ones which cover the lower 48 states, approximately sixty miles on a side. I'm almost embarrassed to say how many maps there are, just suffice it to say that there are more individual maps of Alaska on this web site than there currently are geocaches in the state. I certainly expect that to change however as geocaching continues to grow!

In the meantime, you can use these new maps to explore anywhere from Anchorage to Fairbanks, or from Juneau all the way north to Prudhoe Bay and Barrow. You can even explore the Aleutian Islands as far west as remote Akutan and Unalaska.

Have fun exploring Alaska!

Thirty two additional maps have been uploaded for Alaska bringing the total number of maps (so far) to fifty. There's a lot more maps on the way but I wanted to get these ones published in time for Sunday's Anchorage Gathering II.

The easiest way to see these maps is to start out in Anchorage and just start exploring with the direction arrows around the map.

I added sixteen more maps for Alaska today, most of which are in the southern part of the state near Anchorage. Please send me an email if you notice any problems and I'll be happy to fix them.

Obviously Alaska is a big place and it will take me a while to get all the maps in place, but this is a good start. I've certainly found some caches I would love to come try to find. =)

Added maps for Anchorage, Alaska and Fairbanks, Alaska.

The Washington D.C. and Baltimore Maryland tile map has been further subdivided into the following nine maps: Also, after giving the existing District of Columbia map a much-needed face lift, I added links between it and the Beltway map. There are a lot of geocaches in that tiny area!

This is the combined San Francisco, San Jose, and Montery Bay areas. Seventeen new detail map cover this area. Today was a two-fer: I sub-divided two tile maps, both of which are in California. Sub-dividing the first map, the San Francisco Bay Area, resulted in these nine detail maps: The other map I sub-divided today, that of the San Jose and Monterey Bay Area, is located directly south of the San Francisco map tile. The eight detail areas are as follows: There are only eight sub-maps for this tile rather than the usual nine because the ninth tile would have been located off the coast of California in the Pacific Ocean. Should anyone hide a cache on a buoy out there, I'll be sure to put the ninth map back in. =)

After Los Angeles, the tile map with the densest concentration of geocaches is the one for the New York, NY and Newark, NJ area with, as of this writing, 540 geocaches in a 3600 square mile area. I've further subdivided this tile map into nine new tile maps: On average, each of these smaller tiles has over 75 geocaches in a 400 square mile area.

The Whittier map is a detail of the larger Los Angeles tile map. The Los Angeles tile map now has nine smaller tile maps of its own: Each of these nine maps is 500 pixels across and covers an area that is approximately twenty miles on a side. That means that each pixel on these new maps represents an area that's only (very roughly) two hundred feet on a side!
"Great fleas have little fleas upon their back to bite 'em,
and little fleas have lesser fleas, and so on ad infinitum."

Looking at the new tile maps for the United States, I started wondering how crowded some of them were. Which tile had the most caches and how many? This is what I found out:

 #caches  Lat. & Long.  Tile Map
1.582N34° W118°  Los Angeles, California
2.546N41° W 74°  New York NY and Newark NJ
3.501N38° W122°  Bay Area, California
4.403N39° W 77°  Washington D.C. and Baltimore MD
5.392N48° W122°  Seattle, Washington
6.381N43° W 78°  Rochester, New York
7.377N33° W117°  San Diego, California
8.360N43° W 77°  Geneva, New York
9.354N41° W112°  Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah
10.351N33° W 97°  Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas
11.333N37° W122°  San Jose and Monterey Bay, California
12.328N40° W 77°  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
13.315N40° W 76°  Reading, Pennsylvania
14.302N40° W 75°  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
15.297N45° W123°  South Portland, Oregon

So the Los Angeles tile, and remember each tile map covers a small area only 60 miles on a side, has more geocaches within its border than most countries. In fact, if Los Angeles were listed on my Geocache Numbers Around the World web page, it would be the sixth country overall, ahead of Germany and behind Sweden. Amazing!

Maybe I should do something about this...

You can now click anywhere on US state maps to zoom in on the appropriate tile map. Previously "zooming in" only worked within the heavy gray rectangles.

I also added a tile map for the Dry Tortugas, a set of seven small islands about 70 miles west of Key West, Florida. As remote as these islands are, there is both a National Park and a virtual cache way out there.

One of the new tile maps. This one is for Tulsa, Oklahoma I'm very pleased to announce the addition of 925 (yes, 925!) new geocaching maps covering the entire continental United States in one degree increments. Each of these "tile" maps covers approximately 3,600 square miles--that's big enough so that eight pixels on one of these maps represents a distance of about a mile.

You can access these tile maps from any of the US state maps. At least one tile map for each state (and more than one in large states with lots of geocaches) is outlined with a heavy gray border. Click inside the border to go to that tile map.

Each tile map has direction arrows around its border. Simply click an arrow to go to any of the eight adjacent tile maps. Just the thing when you're planning your next geocaching road trip!

Obviously these maps are brand new and, although I've spent a lot of time testing them, you may find something that's just not quite right. If you do, please drop me a line and I'll do my best to fix it quickly.

From Seattle, Washington to Key West, Florida and from Presque Isle, Maine to San Diego, California we've got your maps!

I added a link from my New Zealand map page to Nandor's excellent website. Nandor has some nicely detailed geocaching maps of that country.

The list of Scavenger Hunt geocaches is now sorted in order by columns rather than by rows. This should make it quite a bit easier to find a particular hunt you're looking for.

Also added a map of the Hawaiian islands of Moloka'i and Lanai.

These are the first visible changes to Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint in a few months. No, I haven't been slacking off! =) There have been lots of changes and improvements behind the scenes to make the geocaches shown on the maps more accurate. For instance, you should notice that there are quite a few less archived caches hanging out on the maps than there used to be. More changes are coming and I think you'll like them.

I noticed some "mystery" dots in the south Pacific Ocean on the World Map that fell outside the area covered by any of my more detailed maps. These caches, which can be found on Easter Island (Chile), Fanning Island (Kiribati), and Norfolk Island (NSW, Australia), can now be clicked on and you'll go directly to the correct cache page.

I also fixed a bug that was causing various special do-anywhere caches that are "located" near N/S 0 E/W 0 to be drawn on the world map. Those caches don't really exist there (it's the middle of the Atlantic Ocean) and so they shouldn't be drawn. Ah, the joys of cartography! =)

Added a map for Omaha, Nebraska.

There are now so many new scavenger hunt caches being hidden, over twenty in the last week, that I've once again changed the format of the Special Caches page. Scavanger caches now are listed in a table by the type of object you have to find.

I've split the caches listed on the Special Caches page into two categories. The first group are caches where your GPS is an integral part of the hunt, and the second group is for those caches where you only use the GPS to record your final location. Check it out.

I've reorganized the statistics page a bit and have added a new page that lists the geocaches in the United States by density.

More statistics pages (e.g. a country by country density chart) are on the way.

Added a new link on the Photos page showing visitors to konradzuse's Himmerich cache in Germany.

If you have your own web page showing visitors to your cache, or if you know of such a page, please let me know and I'll add a link to your page too.

I added a link to Team Snaptek's Arizona Geocaching Statistics web page to my Statistics page.

Added a map for Louisville, Kentucky.

Hoody hoo! At roughly 8:30 PST today we had our 300,000th visitor! Any bets on when we'll hit 400,000?

Today must be an Ohio kind of day: I added maps for Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton.

Added a map for Wichita, Kansas.

There is now a new page dedicated to those fun caches that can be done from almost anywhere in the world.

One more Hawaii map: we now have a map of the Big Island.

Anyone traveling to Hawaii soon? I added maps of Kauai and Maui and Kahoolawe today. I also redid the map of Oahu to make it a bit bigger and more clear.

Added a map of Mexico to the web site. We now have maps of every country in the world with thirty or more geocaches!

I also started adding this news page so that people can easily see what new maps and features have been added to the web site.

Added a map of France to the web site.

Hungary now has its own map. Geocaching is very popular in Hungary apparently, they even have their own geocaching host site: www.geocaching.hu. Does anybody here speak Hungarian? =)

Added North Minerva Reef by Klaymen to the world map. It's in the island nation of Tonga, in the South Pacific Ocean.

Also overdue, I've added a map of Southern Sweden.

Added a long-overdue map of Southeastern England.

I slid the map of San Diego over to the east a bit in order to show more of the desert geocaches. Any caches no longer appearing on that map are still visible on the overlapping Los Angeles map. Thanks to Florian for the suggestion.

Added a map of Estonia to the web site and made larger, more detailed maps for both New Zealand and South Africa. While I was in the neighborhood, I made a map of the Western Cape area of South Africa as well.

I did a new map of South America that's a bit bigger and has some additional details, like rivers. Oh, and the placement of caches on the map is a lot more accurate.

I did a new map of Australia; this one is a bit bigger and shows the states and territory borders.

Boy, don't you just hate that? Just when you think you've got the whole world covered in maps, you suddenly remember that you forgot the West Indies. Oversight corrected.

I also added links on the world map to three isolated island caches that are too far from the mainland to appear on any map. Now people can find out about Waterfall Wilderness by Tim Sammons in French Polynesia, Paradise Found by Marc in Fiji, and SeyCache by Anja & Michael in the Seychelles.

Added maps of Iceland and Greenland to the web site. I have no idea why, but I've wanted to do a map of Iceland for quite a while...

Added a map of Southeast Asia to the web site.

Added a map of Russia to the web site.

Added a map of the Middle East to the web site.

Added a map of Germany to the web site.

Added a map of Newfoundland to the web site. Since this completes the Canadian provinces with ten or more caches, I published them and the new map of Canada.

Also added a local map of the Monterey peninsula. It's hard to believe, but the San Francisco Bay Area has almost as many caches (405) as all of Canada (449)!

Busy day. Added New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Québec maps to the web site. Happy Turkey Day!

Added East Bay map to the web site.

Added Cincinnati map to the web site.

Added Central America map to the web site.

Added a map of Central America. It still needs some tweeking since it shows any visible United States caches in the same size as those in Central America.

Finally finished all the adjacent map links. *whew!*

And continues...

Work continues on adding links to adjacent maps.

I started adding a much-needed feature to my maps: Now there will be links at the bottom of each map to the maps of adjacent regions. So now if you're looking at a map of say, California, you'll be able to easily go to the Arizona, Nevada, or Oregon map pages. This will work for city and country maps as well. Give me a few days to get it up and running.
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