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Cache Photos
These photos were taken by visitors to my own geocaches using one of the disposable cameras I've placed in each of my caches. The photos for each cache are shown in the order in which they appeared on the roll of film.

Pictures of visitors to my other caches will be posted as they become available.

'B' is for Beachhead Visitors
N 37° 19.765  W 122° 24.145 (WGS-84)

These photos were taken between February 25th 2001, when the cache was first found, and July 4th 2001, when the last photo was snapped.

Team PaulWhy

Click on one of the above thumbnail images to see an enlarged version of the photo. If you are one of the people pictured and would like a label for your photo, just let me know.

Visitors to Other Geocaches

If you have a web page that shows pictures of visitors to your own caches, drop me a line and I'll add a link to your web page here.
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