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So what is this 'geocaching' thing anyway?
Simply put, geocaching is treasure hunting for the 21st century. Armed with a GPS receiver, a set of coordinates that tell you the location of a cache, and a healthy sense of adventure, players go out and look for caches of goodies... (Read more...)

Geocaching News

6 Jan 2006: Groundspeak geocaches removed from maps
As I'm sure you have noticed, there are a lot fewer geocaches listed on my maps today than there were a few days ago. In fact, none of the geocaches hosted by the folks at Groundspeak (geocaching.com) are currently listed.... (Read more...)

12 Mar 2005: There's a new GPS game in town: Shutterspot!
GPSGames.org are up to their old tricks: inventing cool new games to play with your GPS. This time it's "Shutterspot", a game in which some players take photographs and other players are challenged to find the exact spot where the photographer stood when the photo was taken (the "shutterspot"). (Read more...)

5 Mar 2005: Status of Groundspeak and Buxley's Waypoint discussions
Here's the latest information regarding the ongoing discussion saga with Groundspeak: (Read more...)

13 Jan 2005: Buxley's Waypoint Announces Geodashing Maps
I'm pleased to announce that my maps now display the current month's crop of geodashing points. A geodash point (commonly called a "dashpoint") is a randomly selected point on the Earth's surface that people can visit and then log what they found. To keep the game fresh.... (Read more...)

1 Dec 2004: GPS Technology Drives Global Treasure Hunt (National Geographic News)
The key to hidden treasure lies in your handheld GPS (global positioning system) unit. GPS-based "geocaching" is a high-tech sport being played by thousands of people across the globe. To the uninitiated, the sight of people circling methodically around a local woodland or city park, GPS device in hand, is a bit puzzling. But this strange behavior has a purpose... (Read more...)

Nice mention of both this website and Navicache.com. No idea where the writer got the idea I was based in Colorado though. -Bux

7 Nov 2004: High-tech hobby sets off security turmoil at LAX (Daily Breeze [Los Angeles])
Geocaching, a game that combines GPS devices and scavenger hunting, raised red flags at the airport last week. Jay Furr was participating in a high-tech treasure hunt. Police mistook him for a possible terrorist. And so Furr's quick dash to Los Angeles International Airport last week turned into an hours-long ordeal that saw him spread-eagled against a police car, handcuffed, locked in a jail cell and interrogated by police and FBI agents, curious as to why a large, bearded man was lurking alone with a global positioning system in a secluded area near the state's top terrorist target.... (Read more...)

Yeow! There's been entirely too many stories like this lately. Everyone be careful out there! -Bux

29 Oct 2004: Geocachers say police overreacted at Tin Lizzy (Indiana Star Press)
The Star Press received several e-mails from geocaching game players around the country condemning the police for overreacting to the Tin Lizzy bomb scare on Tuesday... Apparently shop owner Craig Heavenridge gave an unidentified "hider" permission to stash a cache on the grounds for others to find. But the word did not get to his employees.... (Read more...)

27 Oct 2004: Bomb scare turns out to be part of Internet game (Indiana Star Press)
An Internet game gone awry forced police to shut down three businesses and evacuate all employees and customers on Tuesday. A call came in at 2:12 p.m. saying that someone had seen an unknown person place a suspicious box under a train on display at the Tin Lizzy, an ice cream shop located at Ind. 3 and Ind. 18, according to Blackford County Sheriff Kevin Mahan. Emergency responders were dispatched immediately and a call went out to the Delaware County Bomb Squad.... (Read more...)

12 Oct 2004: Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint and Groundspeak discussions
Here's where to find the latest information about the ongoing discussions we're having with Groundspeak: (Read more...)

1 June 2004: Handicaching.com now online (Handicaching.com)
A website dedicated to improving the accessibility of Geocaching to those of us who are less physically able is now available. The basic idea is that people rate caches they own or have visited and then handicapped users can use these ratings to see if they should attempt that cache. (Read more...)

9 June 2003: Internet-Guided Offline Recreation (IGOR): Geocaching (TidBITS)
Sitting at a glowing screen for hours on end, with little or no live human interaction - this is the typical Internet experience. But some areas of the Internet compel users to leave the keyboard, go outside, and interact with the real world. This category of Web sites, hugely popular and usually non-commercial, doesn't have a name yet... (Read more...)

2 June 2003: MINNESOTA: GPS treasure hunt under fire (Twin Cities.com)
Ian Stevens checks his GPS unit, as rain drips off the end of his ponytail. The GPS arrow points to the east, and Stevens begins another session of geocaching a sport like a high-tech scavenger hunt in Cottage Grove's Ravine Park. Three park officials walk up. Will they kick him out? (Read more...)

April 2003: There's a new game in town: EcoScavenging (ecoscavenger.com)
EcoScavenging is a new alternative to Letterboxing and GeoCaching. It's played the same way except the "destination is the cache", meaning there's nothing to hide. This is a great way to share interesting and beautiful places. (Read more...)

Older News and Stories

February 2003: Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint featured in Discover Magazine

27 January 2003: Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint Announces "Top 50" Maps

2 December 2002: Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint Announces Alaskan Maps

9 November 2002: Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint Announces New US Maps

17 May 2002: Geocaching discussed on Minnesota Public Radio's The Savvy Traveler (Minnesota Public Radio)

7 March 2002: Groundspeak announces "Charter Membership" program (Groundspeak.com)

22 August 2001: Geocaching.com adds maps (US states only) to their website

9 August 2001: Geodashing.org opens its doors

5 Jun 2001: Buxley's GPS Geocache Maps Offline, Now Back (Slashdot)

6 Jun 2000: Introduction to Recreational Geocaching (Spatial News)

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