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Dead Man Sliding

Episode number: 33
First Aired: 11/29/96
Production number: SL-303
Previous Episode: The Prince of Slides
Following Episode: State of the A.R.T.


The Sliders land on a world where legal disputes are settled not in a court of law, but on televised game shows. When Quinn gets into trouble, he finds himself on the show and at the mercy of the "host", the "People's Proponent" and the judge, or, in this case, the viewers. -Fox

In a case of mistaken identity, Quinn is arrested, tried and sentenced to death on TV, leaving the other Sliders scrambling to find the real culprit--Quinn's double. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

69. Buttonwillow Earth
70. Lemoore Earth
71. Wasco Earth

We never see these worlds, the Sliders merely comment on boring their stays were here. After their next slide to Judgement Game Earth, they might remember Buttonwillow a bit more fondly.

72. Judgement Game Earth

The people of this Earth got tired of the criminals seeming to have more rights than the victims so they got rid of all the lawyers and made judges mere figureheads in televised game show trials. The most popular show is The Judgement Game where criminals are tried by a TV audience of their peers. Call 1-96-JUSTICE to cast your vote.

The week the Sliders were here, The Judgement Game featured the murder trial of a welder and two-bit crook from San Francisco by the name of Quinn Mallory. A pity the show's producers captured the wrong Quinn Mallory for the show...

73. Aliens' Earth

Of the Sliders, only Quinn got a good look at one the locals and was easily able to convince her that the Sliders were aliens from another world. We don't know exactly what the locals look like, but in Quinn's words: "Trust me. Short, green, and moldy is not a great look."



Written by:   Nan Hagan
Directed by:  Richard Compton
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs  as the People's Proponent
  Perrey Reeves           as Taryn
  Fredric Lane            as Phil
  Lisa Rieffel            as Deanne Bloch
  Don Most                as Host Skip Collins

  Brett Miller            as Prison Guard
  Robert DiTillio         as Emcee
  Ed Wasser               as Studio Guard
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