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The Prince of Slides

Episode number: 32
First Aired: 11/22/96
Production number: SL-310
Previous Episode: The Fire Within
Following Episode: Dead Man Sliding


The Sliders land on a world where the monarchy still runs the country and where men can and by law are required to, carry the fetus for the last 20 weeks of gestation. Remmy is mistaken for the husband of a princess and finds himself with child. -Fox

After landing in an America ruled by a monarchy and where men have babies, Rembrandt is mistaken for royalty--and prepped to give birth to the future heir to the throne. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

67. Monarchy Earth

On this Earth, the United States is a monarchary. The American flag looks the same except that a gold crown is superimposed over the 50 stars and blue field.

Several decades ago, a viral epidemic destroyed the capacity of the female population of this Earth to carry a child beyond the second trimester. Scientists were able to save humanity by the invention of an artificial womb which allows father to carry the baby to term. Once the male takes over the pregnancy, the gestation proceeds rapidly and the father is ready to deliver within a week.

Here, Danielle, the Duchess of Hemmingshire (and cousin of the late Queen Sally) married a commoner named Rembrandt Brown. Their child, when he comes of age, will rule the country as King Rembrandt the First. Long live the King!

68. Angels' Earth

Little girls, and perhaps all humans, on this Earth have small wings which allow them to fly. The usual way to teach children how to fly seems to be the equivalent of throwing a child into the deep end of the pool to teach them how to swim.



Written by:   Tony Blake and Paul Jackson
Directed by:  David Livingston
Music by:     Danny Lux
Guest Stars:
  Hallie Foote              as Lady Mary
  Victoria Mahoney          as Danielle, Duchess of Hemmingshire
  Dan Gauthier              as George Stellos
  Clinton Derricks-Carroll  as Rembrandt, Duke of Hemmingshire

  Collin Bersen             as Captain of the Guards
  Tom Astor                 as Guard
  Paul Goodman              as Guard #2
  Terry Markwell            as Anchorwoman
  Gabrielle Beinforde       as Nurse
  Kristopher Logan          as Assassin
  Marian E. Green           as Mother
  Brooke Elizabeth Crocker  as Winged Girl #1
  Kahlee Elizabeth Barrio   as Winged Girl #2
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