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The Fire Within

Episode number: 31
First Aired: 11/15/96
Production number: SL-309
Previous Episode: DragonSlide
Following Episode: The Prince of Slides


The Sliders land on a world where the substance of fire has a mind of its own and a small piece follows them to another world. Quinn and Arturo are amazed by the fire and try to find a scientific method to communicate with it. -Fox

In a world consumed by mysterious fires, the Sliders discover what might be the culprit: a single flame, which seems to have a mind and a will of its own. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

64. Home Run Derby Earth

On this world, Rembrant tied the all time record for home runs in a bar room game called "Home Run Derby." Before Remmie had a chance to break the record and collect his winnings, the Sliders had to slide leaving his bet, and all their money, behind.

65. Fire Earth

This entire world seemed to be on fire. It's difficult to say whether the flames were from volcanoes, natural gas deposits, or from Spirits of the Hearth. Fortunately, the Sliders were only on this world for 10 seconds.

A very intelligent form of fire-based life exists on this Earth. One such creature hitched a ride with the Sliders to Refinery Earth and seemed to understand enough about sliding to return here when the Sliders slid out of that world.

66. Refinery Earth

It seems that on this Earth, oil deposits are in southern California rather than in the Middle East. American cars, especially gas guzzlers, are the rule and small Japanese cars are nowhere to be found.

Pan Global Oil runs the refinery at which the Sliders find jobs. The "Brotherhood of Petrol Workers", the local union, is currently on strike demanding health insurance.



Written by:   Josef Anderson
Directed by:  Jefery Levy
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Anthony Tyler Quinn  as J. C. Ashton
  Brigitta Dau         as Amanda
  Lynn Clark           as Diana Sylvius
  Terry Markwell       as the TV Reporter
  Ferdinand Carangelo  as the Foreman

  Veronica Cartwright  as the Voice of the Flame
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