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Episode number: 3
First Aired: 03/29/95
Production number: SL-105
Previous Episode: Pilot, part 2
Following Episode: Last Days


The Sliders visit an Earth where antibiotics haven't yet been discovered and a deadly epidemic is decimating the population. -Fox

When Wade is infected with a deadly virus on an Earth wracked by an epidemic, Rembrandt and Arturo race to find a cure and free Quinn from a Gestapo-like health agency. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

6. Oil Boom Earth

Oil is discovered under the streets of San Francisco and in Quinn's own backyard. Unfortunately, the Sliders only have twenty minutes to enjoy their newfound wealth.

7. Fever Earth

An alternate world where penicillin was never discovered is a dangerous place to kiss a stranger. Alternate Quinn is Patient Zero, the first carrier of the "Q" disease and a $1,000,000 reward is offered for his capture.

8. Cannibal Earth

Exercise caution if invited over to a friend's house for dinner on this alternate Earth. This arid world might be a good place to become a vegetarian.



Written by:   Ann Powell and Rose Schacht
Directed by:  Mario Azzopardi
Music by:     Mark Mothersbaugh
Guest Starring:
  Ken Pogue          as Dr. Morton
  Allison Hossack    as Dr. Eileen Stanley
  Yee Jee Tso        as Wing
  Alex Bruhanski     as Pavel Kurlienko
  Marie Stillin      as Waitress
  William Sasso      as Gomez Calhoun
  Dean Haglund       as Stock Boy
  David L. Gordon    as Tactical Moonsuit
  William MacDonald  as Medical Moonsuit
  James Bell         as Trucker
  James Timmins      as Pharmacist
  Gavin Cross        as The Sick Man
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