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State of the A.R.T.

Episode number: 34
First Aired: 12/06/96
Production number: SL-311
Previous Episode: Dead Man Sliding
Following Episode: Season's Greedings


The Sliders land on a world where human beings have seemingly been replaced by machines, robots created by a master manipulator. -Fox

In a world ruled by automatons who've made humans obsolete, Quinn and Rembrandt become the guinea pigs in a ghastly experiment: the transplantation of their brains into robotic hosts. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

74. Androids' Earth

A decade or so ago, James Aldohn formed Aldohn Robotic Technologies, a company which produced androids which looked and acted just like humans. Having androids do all the menial tasks of the world left people free to enjoy everyday living without the need to ever work again.

Unfortunately, some early models of the androids had a problem when their emotions conflicted with their logic. The androids were recalled to be fixed or destroyed back at the factory. The androids weren't too keen on being destroyed and turned on their human masters instead.

Only one human, James Aldohn, survived.



Teleplay:     Nan Hagan
Story by:     Schuyler Kent
Directed by:  John Kretchmer
Music by:     Stephen Graziano
Guest Stars:
  Eddie Mills         as D.E.R.I.C.
  Kathleen McClellan  as E.R.I.C.A. and A.N.G.I.E.
  Jerry Rector        as P.A.U.L.
  Jeff Rector         as Scarface P.A.U.L.
  Robert Englund      as James Aldohn

  Ted Detwiler        as T.E.D.
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