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SLIDERS CyberCon '98 is coming [30 Jan 98]

SLIDERS CyberCon '98, the online SLIDERS convention will be held the weekend of January 30th through February 1st. For more information including a schedule of events and list of guests, visit their new web site (also available en Francais). Looks like this will be a SLIDERS event not-to-be-missed!

TV Guide interviews Jerry O'Connell [22 Jan 98]

Another week, another interview with Jerry O'Connell. This week, Jeanne Wolf interviews him for TV Guide's Sci-Fi/Fantasy Q&A page and talks about his new roles behind the camera for SLIDERS as well as his fear of always being remembered as "that fat kid from STAND BY ME." =)

Thanks to John Walsh, Senior Editor of TV Guide Entertainment Network for letting me know about this interview.

Transcript of Jerry O'Connell's online chat with Universal Studios [6 Jan 98]

A transcript of Jerry O'Connell online chat, held earlier this month, is now available. Speaking from his trailer on the set, he let loose a few details regarding what we can expect from SLIDERS this upcoming season as well a little information about working on SCREAM 2. When asked what changes we can expect from SLIDERS new season, he replied:
The fact that it's on the SciFi channel gives us an opportunity to get kooky and crazier. We get to be wackier, disgusting and more sci fi oriented. We used to be on a major network where you can't be as graphic or sicko at that time slot. We're getting more room.
He also mentioned that they were filming an episode where the Sliders visit a world "where African Americans are interned, sort of like in a Nazi allegory in America." Marc Zicree (Producer and Writer for SLIDERS) has said this episode's working title is "California Reich."

A complete transcript of his comments is available as is a RealAudio recording at Universal Studio's Real Hollywood Network web page.

News from Sci-Fi Channel's programming dept [29 Dec 97]

Every month the Sci-Fi Channel has has IRC chats with it's programming department. Shannen Bodell (of the Sci-Fi channel?) provided these SLIDERS-related excerpts from tonight's chat.

Sabrina Lloyd leaves SLIDERS [Aug 97]

[Two Sliders Left] And then there were two -- two of the original Sliders that is. Sabrina Lloyd (Wade Welles) will not be back for the fourth season of SLIDERS. A spokesperson for Sabrina Lloyd said that, although she does not have any current projects, it was her own decision not to return to the show.

John Rhys-Davies (Arturo) left the show in the middle of the third season after the two part episode Exodus.

So as the fourth season opens, there will be three Sliders: Quinn (Jerry O'Connell), Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks), and Maggie (Kari Wuhrer). Read on to learn about the new fourth Slider....

Charlie O'Connell joins the cast [Fall 97]

Colin Mallory (Charlie O'Connell) will be joining the Sliders as of the season's sixth episode. Colin is Quinn's brother from an alternate Earth which is not as technologically advanced as Earth Prime. He's smart (have you ever seen a Mallory who wasn't?) but he's not wise in the ways of the 20th century.

Charlie O'Connell is no stranger to Sliders fans. He was a guest star in both the second season episode As Time Goes By and the third season episode DragonSlide. He's also Jerry O'Connell's real life brother.

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