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Sliders comments from Sci-Fi Chat
SLIDERS News 12/29/97

Shannen Bodell posted the following message to this evening:

From: (Shannen Bodell)
Subject: Sliders comments from Sci-Fi Chat
Date: 29 Dec 1997 23:09:35 GMT

Every month, the Sci-Fi Channel has IRC chats with it's programming department. Here are the Sliders comments from tonite's programming chat:

<Pf2144> Has it been decided which 12 reruns of Sliders will air starting in March?
<Creature> Pf: good question...we have not come to a decision just yet...we may ask the series creators for some input...

<Moderator> <Shannen> to <Moderator>: Any idea of when in June the new Sliders eps will air, or is that still undecided?
<Creature> still undecided...

<Moderator> <Shannen> to <Moderator>: Are the reruns of Sliders going to be edited, or will they air exactly as they did on Fox? Also, will you be returning them to the proper order(once you start showing all the reruns)?
<Creature> they will air as they did on Fox...and yes we will air them in their proper sequence...

<Moderator> <Informant> to <Moderator>: Have you seen any of the new Sliders eps? Are they better than they were on Fox?
<Creature> I have not seen any new Sliders....sorry...

<Moderator> <Pf2144> to <Moderator>: Is there a chance of a fifth season of Sliders if the fourth season does well in the ratings? Or is this it and than reruns?
<Creature> another good question...there will be a 5th season if season 4 does well...we'd be crazy not to do a 5th....

<Moderator> <CrowTRobot2> to <Moderator>: will the special effects on the new sliders be better than the orginal?
<Creature> I heard the guys from "South Park" are doing our effects so that should say something....just kidding!!!! That's tough to say since I haven't seen anything yet...

<Moderator> <Shannen> to <Moderator>: Do you guys have any promo stuff planned for when the new eps of Sliders begin--like a behind the scenes special or something like that?
<Creature> Yes we'll be slapped silly with all sorts of behind-the-scenes stuff fer sure!

<Moderator> <Pf2144> to <Moderator>: I heard that the reruns of Sliders will run on Mondays at 9pm. Will the new episodes continue at that day and time?
<Creature> for the moment yes...but don't be surprised if that changes...we like to do that sort of thing around here...

<Moderator> <Pf2144> to <Moderator>: Any chance of a Sliders marathon taking place?
<Creature> I'm sure we'll do one at some point but nothing has been scheduled...
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