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Episode number: 27
First Aired: 10/11/96
Production number: SL-305
Previous Episode: Electric Twister Acid Test
Following Episode: The Dream Masters


The Sliders land on a world exactly like their home only time has progressed at a slower rate and Quinn has a chance to meet -- and play bodyguard -- to his younger self. -Fox

Quinn is forced to relive painful childhood memories when a slide to 1980s San Francisco brings him face to face with his younger self. But his efforts to change the future are hampered by the other Sliders, who warn that any tampering will produce grave consequences. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

58. Diagnosis Earth

Arturo is diagnosed on this Earth as having a untreatable, incurable and ultimately fatal disease. He is told he has anywhere from a month to a year to live.

59. Van Meer's Earth

Time flows differently on this Earth; the calendar says 1996, but everything appears here as it did twelve years previously on Earth Prime. Alternate Quinn and his mother are younger and Quinn's alternate father has just died.

Arturo and Quinn state that this Earth seems to prove the theory of Herbert Van Meer, a Dutch astrophysicist, who theorized that if the Earth spun on its axis more quickly it would, over the course of a few centuries, build up a time lapse. That is what seems to have happened here.



Written by:   Tracy Torme
Directed by:  Adam Nimoy
Music by:     Danny Lux
Guest Stars:
  Phillip van Dyke  as Young Quinn
  Linda Henning     as Mrs. Mallory
  Leslie Horan      as Heather Hanley
  Meadow Sisto      as Ambrosia

  Marty York        as Brady Oaks
  Timothy Wiley     as Rex Crandell
  Robert Winley     as Bull
  John Kendall      as Bartender
  John C. Colton    as Priest
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