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Prince of Wails

Episode number: 5
First Aired: 04/12/95
Production number: SL-104
Previous Episode: Last Days
Following Episode: Summer of Love


Landing in the pre-Revolution United States, the Sliders encounter Arturo's double, a sheriff planning a royal execution. -Fox

In the British States of America--a place where England won the Revolutionary War--the Sliders are embroiled in an assassination plot involving the heir to the throne and an evil Sheriff of San Francisco. -TV Guide

Alternate Earths

10. Water Earth

The oceans of this world have risen several hundred feet, probably due to the melting of the polar ice caps. San Francisco is covered by so much water that only the upper twenty feet or so of San Francisco's Transamerican Pyramid is projecting out of the water.

11. British Earth

Here the American Colonies lost their Revolutionary War against the British and George Washinton is just a footnote in the history of the British States of America. Harold the third, Prince of the Americas and heir to the British throne has a private game preserve where Oakland is on Earth Prime. Alternate Arturo is the Sheriff of San Francisco.



Written by:   Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin
Directed by:  Felix Alcala
Music by:     Mark Mothersbaugh
Guest Starring:
  Ben Bode         as Prince Harold
  Sherman Howard   as Hendrick
  Liz Sheridan     as Miss Miller
  Kathleen Duborg  as Rebecca
  Gary Jones       as Michael Hurley
  Gerard Plunkett  as Driver
  Chris Humpheys   as Raider #1

  Tracey Olson      as Dixon Vallely
  Bernie Coulson    as Raider #2
  David Kaye        as Reporter #1
  Jaylene Hamilton  as Reporter #2
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