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The Good News -- New SLIDERS Episodes Began June 8th 1998!

[Sci-Fi Channel] Starting Monday, June 8th 1998, a fourth season of all-new episodes began to air on the Sci-Fi Channel.

The Bad News -- No more updates to this web page

I'm very sorry to say the this will probably be my last update to these pages. My local cable operator still doesn't carry the SciFi channel and so I will be unable to see the new episodes, let alone update these web pages with information about the episodes as they air.

It's been a great three years, thank you for all the visits to this web site. Thanks also to Tracy Torme and Robert K. Weiss for creating SLIDERS in the first place. Special thanks to Tracy Torme, Francessca Redwine, Kyrie Daniels, John Rhys-Davies, Marc Zicree and everyone else who helped out with this web page in one way or another.

Fortunately, there are some other sites on the web you can go to to get your daily SLIDERS fix:

First of all, the SciFi Channel has an excellent web site complete with a timer showing the number of hours, minutes an seconds until the new episodes air.

Secondly, I need to put in a plug for Tim Lucas' SLIDERS: Into the Vortex page. Tim is a real old timer among the those of us providing SLIDERS Web pages and his page, in one form or another, has been around since early in the first season.

Another execellent page is Robb Potter's (formerly Robb's Sliders Page). He's gathered a ton of information on SLIDERS and put together a very good looking web site.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Multiverse at has up-to-date information on the new seasons(!) of SLIDERS. Thanks to Matt Hutaff for telling me about his page.

All good things come to an end, and it seems that the Expert's Ultimate SLIDERS Companion has disappeared forever into some parallel universe. Perhaps he'll return someday, perhaps in ab . He has all kinds of rumors about season four and his news page is excellent.

It's been a real pleasure friends. Keep Sliding!

Ed Hall
2 April 1998

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